I am a Full Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the Assistant Dean for Research and Advanced Studies (ADRAS) of the College of Science at De La Salle University (DLSU). I am the head of the Systems and Computational Biology (SComB) Research Unit of the Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research (CENSER), College of Science, DLSU, and also a member of the Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies (COMET) of the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Computing, and Networking (AdRIC) Research Center, College of Computer Studies, DLSU. My research interests are Systems Biology, Graph Theory, and Mathematical Modeling.

I joined DLSU after the completion of my Doctorate degree in Systems Biology under the Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (SBI) at the University of Rostock (Germany). I obtained my BS and MS degree in Mathematics at DLSU. I held two Professorial Chairs in Mathematics namely the Br. C. John Lynam FSC Professorial Chair in Mathematics and the Br. Albinus Peter FSC Professorial Chair in Mathematics. Several of my most notable publications include my work on establishing mathematical and compartmental models to describe and analyze biological and signaling pathways associated to different diseases. I also applies mathematical and computational models to study epidemic spreading of diseases and health communication dynamics. My recent works apply mathematics to study and discover the patterns in the topological structures of different networks/graphs.